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Torgue Tokens to play and rewards are level 30 casino bonus gratis för online weapons on the first playthrough, regardless of slot spel på facebook undersea treasure progress through the campaign.
Extras and features: 25 Bonus Slot Machines, exciting Bally Gaming Slot Machines, new Slot Machines from Masque.3 Psycho masks: The slot machine will drop a live mirv grenade from the reward box.3 Eridium bar :10, torgue Tokens.Drawbacks: The game lacks detailed tutorial, requirements: Windows XP, Mac OS X, alternative names: Mesque Video Slots With 25 Slot Mashines, Mask Vedeo Slats Mashins Wiz 25 Slat Machins.Locations, badass Crater Bar (x2) upstairs (there are also 2x normal Slot Machines nearby).3 bells: Unconfirmed 3 sevens: Character Skin.I can't stand sight of swine, they can't touch a nigga like a porcupine.
Pistols, Torgue Tokens, and live grenades will be dispensed from the front drawer.
Weapon rewards can be from any manufacturer.
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