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SetUniform3iv (s, v) 3 int array uniform value assignment.
The usual way consist on hard-coding the variables assignation which creates a rigid program where shaders must always have the same variables names to fit with the hard-coded assignation.
Method Detail loadSource (vs, fs, wm, async) Load the specified source files for this instance.String fragurl Fragment program url.Documentation generated by JsDoc Toolkit.4.0 on Thu Jul :50:09 GMT0200 (cest).Method Summary Method Attributes Method Name and Description loadSource (vs, fs, wm, async) Load the specified source files for this instance.SetSources (vs, fs, wm) Set shader's sources.This is typical vertex with color instead of texture coordinates.
If not specified, the loading is made in the asynchronous way.
Objects that are derived from, cP_Object inherit the ability to provide for registration of signal and slots by names so you can later find the signal or slot by identifier.
Object i Instance object to register object.CP_new, cplat_MacOS:CP_PushButton( returnView, viewLocation, viewSize, title, kCP_PushButtonClickedCommand pushButtonOne- FindSignal( kCP_Signal_Clicked )- connect( This example, taken from the CP_UIClasses demo shows the creation of a Push Button, and then a slot to be called whenever the user clicks on the button is connected by finding the.SetUniform1i (s, v) 1 int uniform value assignment.Clears all wrapped uniforms.String wrapsource wrap map XML or json source.UniformMatrix Uniform Matrix spela online för riktiga pengar 888 slots list.JS provide an hard-coded wrapping map for default mapping, but allows to use custom wrapping maps.String wrapurl Wrap map url.