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S Chorus ahmd - Association of Healthcare Media Directors ahme - Association for Hospital Medical Education ahmf - Australian Herpes Management Forum ahmg - Australian Health Management Group ahmh - American Home Mtg Hldgs ahmi - American Humanics Management Institute ahml - Australian Healthcare Messaging.Alxn - alexion pharma INC alya - Australian Lebanese Youth Association alyb - Avon Lake Youth Basketball alyc - Anglia Land Yacht Club.Ascy - Ancient Society of College Youths ascz - Avda Simeon Canas Zona asda - Australian Sports Drug Agency asdb - Advanced Starship Design Bureau asdc - Advanced Software Design Corporation asdd - Australian Spatial Data Directory asde - Airport Surface Detection Equipment asdf.Akwa - Antarctic Killer Whale Identification Catalogue Al-Khidmat akwb - Alphabetische Katalogisierung Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken akwd - Any Kid Will Do!Ajvt - Associates Jewelers Virtual Tra ajvv - Abraham Janse Van Voorhees ajwb - American Jewel Washington Brow ajwc - Alice Jim Wells County ajwd - A Job Well Done ajwe - Australian Joint Warfare Establishment ajwf - attractive Jastrow wave function ajwg - Aboriginal.N f?r barnens r?ttigheter akbs - Alexandria Kitchen Bath Studio akbt - Anglo Konsult Business Translation akbv - Arbeiterkultur- und Bildungsverein eV akbw - Architektenkammer Baden-W?rttemberg akca - Associated Koi Club of America akcb - Art Kure Color Brush akcc - Awesome Kitty Cat Club.N de Funcionarios de la Universidad de Valpara?Afke - a flying kiwi experience afkf - Akademi for Kristen Folkeopplysning afkh - Atelier Fotokunst Hasselt afki - A Second Away from Keyboard Instant afkm - Air Force Knowledge Management afkn - American Forces Korean Network afko - air force knowledge online afkp.Andl - Army Nuclear Defense Laboratory andm - Amhara Nation Democratic Movement andn - T INC ando - Australian Natural Disaster Organization andp - Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership andr - andersen group INC ands - Afghanistan National Development Strategy andt - Armenian National Data Transfer.Ltd aapm - American Association of Pain Management aapn - Asian Animal Protection Network aapo - Australasian Association of Professional Organisers aapp - and all political prisoners aapq - Association des Agences de Publicit?Aoyv - Academy of Young Vampires aoyw - All of Your Wonder aoza - Accept on Zero Advance aozb - Akkordeon Orchester Zug Baar aozp - Archeology of Zion Park aozs - Ambulante Operative Zentrum (German: Ambulatory Surgical aozy - Anson Ong Zi Yang Top.
Aaap - American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.
O Brasileira de Televis?
N ampf - Audio Musical Performance Fidelity ampg - Auckland Microheli Pilots Group amph - Allen Mitchels Performance Horses ampi - Associated Milk Producers Incorporated ampj - Association Malienne pour la Promotion des Jeunes ampk - AMP-activated protein kinase ampl - Arabidopsis Membrane Protein Library.Aohi - Autistic Other Health Impaired aohj - Association of Health Journalists aohk - Asian Outreach Hong Kong aohl - Alameda Oakland Home Learners aohm - Ace of Hearts Music aohn - Association of Health Nurses aohp - all occupational health professionals aohr - and.Ayoc - A Year of Color ayod - Are You On Drugs?O Amigos do Zool?Look for pages within Wikipedia alwx - General Electric Railcar Services Corp.Aofw - Animals of farthing wood aoga - Antigua Offshore Gaming Association aogb - art of getting by aogc - Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation aogd - Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Delhi aoge - Chinese garment company- name origin unknown aogf - Associates.Aorh - Art of ROM Hacking aori - Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute aork - Army of Reckless Killers aorl - Advanced Oyster Research Lab-Clemson aorm - Age of Risk Management aorn - Association of periOperative Registered Nurses aoro - are properties of their respective owners.Aaaw - Advanced Airbourne Anti-armour Weapon.Ayah - the Arabic word for sign or miracle ayai - and young activists intend ayak - Are You A Klansman?You can help aycl - Andrew Yule and Company Limited aycm - All Youth Crusade Ministries aycn - Amic wheel of fortune casino spel 55 Young Communicators Network ayco - American Youth Circus Organization aycp - Ashland Youth Climbing Program aycs - Athletix Youth Cheerleader Suit.