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Impact of nonrealistic potential reference state The specification of a nonrealistic potential reference state influences the system so that it cannot be robust or resilient against a disturbance, because it is under stress and cannot return back to this reference state (see Figure 4).
This means that the considered system - the airport A - is under stress over the time top spel slot part horizon TH1.
For all of his accolades last season, Smith has still not made the Biletnikoff Award watch list.
JuJu Smith may have been overlooked despite an amazing performance in 2014, but with the help of Cody Kessler it will be hard to ignore him this season.Resilience and robustness of a socio-technical system are formulated depending on changes of performance indicators after the occurrence of disturbances.This section is based on 1 4 An example and decision-making chain Let us consider an airport A as an ATM System, the throughput of its runway system as a set of performance indicators that defines the state of the system A, the throughput.I will walk your pet or play w/him/her for the duration of the visit.More realistic is that the throughput becomes smaller, for instance TPw min slot bonus max insats textfrom nw_1 text up to nw_2text flights per hour; demand per hour, textwhere 0 nw_1leq nw_2 n_1 leq n_2.As shown in Figure 8, the motion of the aircraft within the airspace can be abstracted as a result of decisions made by particular stakeholders in Dim_1.
Low resilience of an ATM System against a disturbance The idea of this concept of measuring is originated in material testing.Let us assume that the time horizon TH1 for the evaluation of resilience or robustness of the system A is the length of the winter season.Because of weather disturbances, a sector controller might chose a trajectory different to the one originally planned (the red respectively blue dotted line in Figure 8).Since resilience and robustness are depending on a defined reference state, a time horizon as well as a particular disturbance and are determined by the means of performance indicators, both properties can be investigated in the same manner.Javorius Allen, now a member of the Baltimore Ravens.The system is resilient against the disturbance over the considered time horizon; is relative to the specified reference state of the system and to a particular disturbance.