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Edit Sanity In most Sims games you have different motives you need to fulfill in order to be happy.
5 Dig up the Sarcophagus Go behind the Oasis and use your metal detector.6 Drink Xizzles Potion Go up to the Satellite Dish and Drink the Potion.Edit, mission 1: Becoming the Manager 1 Check out the Hotel Enter the Hotel.You beat the game by progressing through a series of goals.U wordt uitgenodigd op bewerken te klikken om de lijst uit te breiden.Different people will assign you tasks, and sometimes you are rewarded for completing one.To break into.This Sims game takes a different approach.7 Defeat Optimum Alfred Get in your Rat Suit and head for the deck.2 Collect 20 Nuclear Fuel Rods You probably have 20 by now.9 Check out the New Casino Return to the Hotel and youll be taken into the Casino.
Publisher, electronic Arts, release Date(s fall 2005, genre.You have to press the correct button in response spela spel och vinna riktiga pengar gratis som krävs to what the person is doing.Go to City Hall and get more rooms added to your building (whichever ones you want).2 Deliver Package to Honest Jackson Frankie wants you to give a gift to Honest Jackson.Then go outside and talk to Penelope.4 Party You recover twice as much sanity from using objects!This is when the real adventure begins.