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Package: prism-google-groups Description-md5: 7db19ef1f54ad51a c4dd1b Description-sv: Google Grupper WebApp för Prism Google Grupper WebApp är ett webbprogram som använder Prism, en enkel xulrunner-webbläsare för webbprogram.
Package: wamerican-large Description-md5: Description-sv: Amerikansk-engelska uppslagsord för /usr/share/dict This package provides the file containing a list of English words with American spellings.rotate * fire projectiles * "stick" to a wall * push off of a wall.Tracks current value of both individual bonds and an entire inventory.Package: libbakery-2.6-dev Description-md5: Description-sv: pplication Framework (development files) Bakery is a C Framework for creating GTK or gnome applications using gtkmm and gnomemm.There are interfaces to a set of languages, such as, C, Fortran, Pascal, Forth, Python, Octave.Internal processing in 32/64 bit ieee floating point format.Package: amule-utils-gui Description-md5: Description-sv: grafiska verktyg för aMule This package contains a set of graphic utilities related to aMule, the eD2k network client.Package: librapi2 Description-md5: Description-sv: Make rapi calls to a Windows Mobile device, runtime libraries librapi2 is equivalent to rapi.The purpose of an arbitrary precision interval arithmetic is on the one hand to get guaranteed results, thanks to interval computation, and on the other hand to obtain accurate results, thanks to multiple precision arithmetic.Package: libopengl-ruby Description-md5: Description-sv: OpenGL binding for Ruby This library allows program written in Ruby to use the OpenGL API for graphics.
Org-report-builder Description-md5: Description-sv: OpenOffice.
The currently supported distros bästa betalar enarmade banditer atlantic city are.Package: libjcommon-java-doc Description-md5: 57de8737ec927a e892da84 Description-sv: General Purpose library for Java - documentation JCommon is a free general purpose Java class library that is used in several projects at The Object Refinery, including JFreeChart and JFreeReport.Du behöver detta paket om du tänker köra Asterisk med stöd för tyska.db4.7_dump: read a database file and write it in a format understood by db4.2.7_load.This package brings the pregenerated Type 1 fonts that are part of the distribution of TeXmacs for Microsoft Windows and can't be found in other Debian packages.This parsing method affords a speed advantage over all other implementations which perform an unnecessary validation of the entire query before moving on to data evaluation.It is a fully compliant xmpp Core and supports various JEPs, mainly those needed to implement a xmpp IM client.Package: love-doc Description-md5: Description-sv: 2D game development framework - documentation LÖVE was created to be a user-friendly engine in which simple (or complicated) games could be made without having extensive knowledge of system or graphics functions and without having to dedicate time towards developing the.