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The planet Tatooine got its name from this town, and that's about the town's only contribution to the movie.
Just outside the mouth of the gorge Imperial Stormtroopers attacked and massacred the Jawas who sold the droids on to Uncle Owen.The same location was used for Maul flying over the cliffs after having found Anakin and Qui-Gon.Two movie locations can be spela online video spel found on the western side of the island.North of Ksar Medenine is the granary that acted as the slave quarters in Episode.Skywalker Alley (Photo by Bernard Gagnon ) Lars homestead interior Lat/Long coordinates.54253,9.967341 In Matmata you can actually sleep in Luke's home.The inside is a narrow gorge walled by two hundred foot high cliffs and a wide, flat wadi that runs from Jebel Krefane down to the chott.Because the Lars Homestead interior scenes were shot somewhere else, the crew had to dig some gratis slot spela på fremont street craters next to it, to make you believe there's actually an underground structure in the movie.Toshi Station in Anchorhead (Photo by eckart1 ).
So when you go on vacation to Tunisia, check out some of the locations over there.
With hundreds of thousands of palm trees, Tozeur is a large oasis.Hur kommer det sig?Most of the scenes were shot in the hills and villages surrounding the town.Tozeur is an oasis and a city in south west Tunisia.This is not a typical studio tour.Lucasfilm named it "Star Wars Canyon".Because Star wars is not well known in Tunisia, this article will introduce you to some famous locations from the movies and show you how to get there.It was seen in the movie as Toshi Station in Anchorhead, in a shot where the landspeeder rushes into Anchorhead on its way to Mos Eisley.